About Us

Northern Neutral is a private label clothing boutique based in New England. Founder and CEO Jovitt (Jojo) Kiure started Northern Neutrals to empower everyone to look their best. Each piece is inspired by the New England Coast and curated by Jojo personally. After shopping at Northern Neutrals, you will feel effortlessly polished, fashionable, and comfortable. Our company isn't just about the clothing - it's also about that classic, comfortable and contemporary beauty each piece invokes while worn. Our pieces are versatile, in that they can be worn day and night, and are so fashionable we know you'll be wearing them for years to come. Northern Neutral's focus is on selecting contemporary, sustainable, and classic pieces that last a lifetime. 

Our Mission

We’re a different kind of New England fashion and lifestyle brand. We’re a la mode, we’re classic, we’re opinionated, and we’re always looking to bring out the best in everyone. We believe that clothes say a lot about who you are. Clothes have the power to make you feel confident. With confidence, comes happiness. That’s why those who dress well are usually in a good mood. Outdated, preppy styles are officially dead. Northern Neutrals is here with our classic, polished, and contemporary looks. 
By supporting Northern Neutrals, you’re supporting this lifestyle and we thank you for that!